Idea of the Project

L’Anima dell’Eccellenza is a project aimed not only at all the entities that already possess points of excellence but also at those that have a hidden one or at those that have the potential to develop excellence but have not yet managed to find it , enhance it and highlight it.


The completely innovative project aims to spread the culture of excellence through consultancy, product creation and provision of services that aim for the highest quality.

The factor that makes it unique in its kind is the ability not only to tell, but also to enhance and highlight all those elements, those dynamics and those characteristics that make these companies points of reference in their sector.


The rigorous method, based on the trinomial quality, value and passion, was conceived and developed by Anna Maria Girelli Consolaro over many years of study on Italian excellence accompanied by over twenty years of journalistic experience (for Corriere della Sera and on Mediaset networks).

Study and career that have brought to light the “matrix” of Italian excellence, that is, that set of personal and social characteristics, dynamics,
modus operandi, historical and geographical elements which, over the centuries until today, are common to Italian companies of excellence and make them a reference model for the entire world.

The methodology developed allows us to examine in detail the cornerstones that underlie Italian excellence.

The work thus allows us to extrapolate the points of excellence already present in the individual realities and, at the same time, to identify and make explicit the hidden unique points of value.

Ultimately, it allows us to transform all those realities that have the potential to be excellent into excellence.

What Does it Do

L’Anima dell’Eccellenza

  • examines and studies in detail the prominent entities (companies, businesses, foundations, associations, localities, personalities, etc.)
  • find the points of excellence
  • highlights their structure and characteristics
  • enhances them in every aspect and by being the company that represents them


  • it makes the value of a reality become even more concrete, communicable and transferable to the public
  • it gives an objective, “visible” and quantifiable depth to the value of this reality
  • explains how excellence is created, maintained and developed
  • creates a repeatable pattern and structure